Megatrends tours impressed the visitors

The latest trends in technology, interiors, architecture, construction, design, and sustainability were highlighted at the original Hotel Megatrends project located in Hall 1 of the exhibition center.

The imposing 445m2 structure, which has been designed and realized by a select team of architects, designers, technology and lightning consultants, wellness consultants, and engineers, has already started to welcome Xenia visitors. Groups of 20 persons were touring the project to experience in real dimensions and in real time all the innovations at the standard hotel rooms: reception, lobby, city room, sensations, summer resort room & spa, and outdoor lounge. Four main themes exist at the core of the project:

Tech: New technological practices and innovations regarding hotel management and operation. Technology plays a leading role by seamlessly integrating itself into the activities of the hotel of the future, thus transforming accommodation into a unique experience.
Design: The leading trends in interior design for both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well project proposals from Greek industrial designers that have already been carried out.
Green: Presentation and use of “green” products, materials and practices, as well as natural resource management systems and technological solutions for the preservation of natural resources.
Local: Establishment of links to the local community (create areas for locals, use social media and special apps to connect with the community, use products produced by local companies, etc.)
All of these design options were completely visible to the public, creating an open dialogue with them from the start until the end of the tour. From the “biofriendly” design to the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, to the use of technology as a means of information and entertainment, all form a clear picture of how the visitor could live the ultimate hotel experience.

IMG_8732_750x458 Megatrends tours impressed the visitors

Moreover, visitors were impressed by:
· The virtual receptionist, a hologram giving all sorts of useful information to the visitor using screen commands.
· The folding sauna and the fitness equipment inside the City Room closet, to save space.
· The semi-transparent illuminated wall made with Himalayan salt bricks, which represents the modern wellbeing trend thanks to the beneficial properties of salt in the respiratory system.
· The Summer Resort Room & Spa special spa beds with quartz sand, which is heated during the treatments, giving an extra sense of relaxation.
· The cooler installation with a refrigerator door/screen that when the customer approaches, provides with information on the products it contains, their nutritional value, etc.

IMG_8645_750x458 Megatrends tours impressed the visitors

A think tank for the hospitality industry

The Hotel Megatrends project was based on the interaction of the above-mentioned themes, creating an original, experimental, sociable, friendly, and unique experience and intends to become an innovation, education and inspiration hub for all Xenia visitors. Its main objective was to generate ideas on how to renovate a conventional accommodation area in addition to addressing issues such as the way design affects hotel operations as well as the way the hotel interacts with its customers and the local community.
The Hotel Megatrends project presented all the latest trends and shows hotels the way to incorporate parameters such as friendly atmosphere, wellness, excellent food, great design, culture, social responsibility, and state-of-the-art technology into their operation and their overall structure. Through its architectural design and the synergies it develops, Hotel Megatrends and its thematic and specially-designed rooms showcased the way the needs of the modern traveler affect present day hospitality.

IMG_8641_750x458 Megatrends tours impressed the visitors
0F6A3982_750x458 Megatrends tours impressed the visitors
0F6A3999_750x458 Megatrends tours impressed the visitors