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In order to avoid potential problems for both exhibitors and visitors alike, caused by the presence of a large number of individual visitors and professionals from other sectors, a series of strict requirements will be adhered to, with regards to entering the exhibition. More specifically:

  • Free admission to professionals from the Hotel sector, Architects, Decorators and Construction Companies, as well as selected large units from the wider Foodservice sector, carrying a barcode or electronic invitation. Those who don’t have any of the above-mentioned documents can still enter the trade show for free provided they display their business card or their company’s seal and fill in an invitation at the entrance.
  • Under all circumstances, the invitation is strictly valid for up to two people.
  • The organizing company reserves the right to verify the identification information of people carrying handwritten invitations. All non-professionals must pay a ticket in order to enter the exhibition.
  • Admission is strictly prohibited to infants, toddlers in baby strollers and, generally, to children under 12 years of age.
  • Checks will be conducted by a security company, during the boarding of visitors onto the exhibition’s shuttle buses and upon entering the Exhibition Center (Lobby 1, Lobby 2).