Maximum visitors satisfaction at Xenia 2018

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Maximum visitors satisfaction at Xenia 2018

The fact that in the vast majority the visitors of Xenia 2018 are highly satisfied by their visit and intent to visit Xenia 2019 confirms the overall acceptance of the tourism industry professionals.

The results of the visitors’ satisfaction survey carried out during the Xenia 2018 exhibition, at a sample of 500 professional visitors, clearly prove that it is the top trade show targeted to the professionals of the hospitality industry, as it covers almost completely their needs and requirements. Their high level of satisfaction from the high organizational level, the quantity and quality of exhibitors and exhibits and, finally, the important commercial transactions that they had during the trade show, confirms that the role of Xenia 2018 as the most important trade and social forum and the ultimate meeting point for hoteliers and professionals of hospitality. It is worth noting that 90% of visitors were decision makers, as they were owners or managers. Another very important result of the survey is that 95% of the visitors found what they were looking for in the exhibition, while 55% of the visitors had also visited Xenia 2017 and are going to visit Xenia 2019, too.

Xenia 2018: Degree of satisfaction from visiting

95% of the visitors were highly satisfied from their visit at XENIA 2018

The survey data reveals a high level of satisfaction for visitors since 95% said they were satisfied and extremely satisfied with the exhibition and the overwhelming percentage of 90% of visitors said they were very likely to visit Xenia 2019. The commercial effectiveness of the exhibition was also very significant as 73% of visiting professionals said they intended to close trade agreements with exhibitors in the next six months while a significant proportion of about 21% said they have closed agreements with companies-exhibitors during the exhibition. Finally, the high level of organization of the exhibition and of the companies that took part as exhibitors left the best impression for the visitors, who in 90% stated that everything was perfectly organized and that they were completely satisfied with the great variety of exhibitors and products.

Intention of visiting Xenia 2019

*FORUM SA, XENIA’s organizing company with the aim of improving the exhibition, commissioned the ALCO company with the XENIA 2018 evaluation survey on the visitor satisfaction level. The quantitative survey for visitors was conducted in the form of personal interviews using a 8′-10 semi-completed questionnaire, to a sample of 500 Greek professionals in the wider hospitality industry, architects, catering professionals. The respondents were the decision makers of teach company and the sample included professionals from all over Greece (Attica, North, South, Central and Island Greece) The rapporteurs were approached when they left the exhibition at both entrances. The survey was conducted from Saturday, November 24th to Monday, November 26th, 2017.