Integrated marketing plan

//Integrated marketing plan

Integrated marketing plan

Xenia’s 2020 advertising campaign, with a budget of €450,000 will dominate all media, both digital and traditional in order to ensure the maximum possible visitors despite the restrictions and the new conditions for organizing exhibitions.

Through an integrated advertisement plan that will include all traditional and innovative media, Xenia will enjoy the support that fits its brand. The impressive – for the Greek context – budget of €450,000 Euros will be spent on the exhibition’s campaign in order to maximize commercial success and ensure a dynamic and business-oriented audience despite the limitations and new conditions of organizing the exhibitions worldwide that are followed due to the pandemic.

The plan for the promotion of the top exhibition of the hotel industry includes TV and radio spots, digital marketing, barcode invitations and ads in the sectoral media. More specifically, 43% of the budget will be allocated to TV spots which will be broadcasted for 20 days by every major TV channel, 17% to radio ads that will be aired for 15 days by the 12 radio stations with the largest audience base in Attica but also by the 2 radio stations with the largest audience base in Thessaloniki. In the meanwhile, a significant part of the marketing budget, that is 8%, will be spent in advertorials run in the sectorial media as well as in Sunday papers with a large number of readers, while 14% will be allocated to 60,000 barcode invitations to important executives of the hotel industry. Last but not least, understanding the power of the Internet, 18% of the budget will be invested in digital marketing and specific Google, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail marketing and You Tube campaigns that will run for at least 4 months. It is also worth mentioning that within the framework of the Exhibition’s effort to become more open and attract international visitors, targeted actions in specific markets will increase, trying thus to promote the exhibition on a global scale.