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Hotel Megatrends / Talks 

Significant personalities from the tourism industry from Greece and abroad analyzed important issues on the stage of Hotel Megatrends.

Just like the 2018 event, in addition to the experience the audience of the show will get through its tour of the structured live installation, it will also have the opportunity to listen to the experts on a range of cutting-edge issues! Right next to the HOTEL MEGATRENDS project, in a specially designed open space stage of 100 sq. m., there will be talks and discussions of important representatives of the tourist industry from Greece and abroad. The aim is to present experiences and views that can significantly affect the future and contribute substantially to the creative redesign of the Greek tourism product. The final topic sections will be announced shortly, although they are not expected to differ significantly from last year’s successful structure.

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The thematic sections of this “hospitality think tank” are listed below:

• Hospitality Design Trends: How modern architectural, decoration and design trends affect the future of hotels and tourist accommodation.
• Hospitality Technology Trends: Hospitality Technology Trends: The technology trends that must be adopted by the tourism industry professionals.
• Hospitality Wellbeing Trends: Hospitality Wellbeing Trends: The international wellbeing practices, as a tool to make better the client experience.
• Hospitality Investment Trends: Hospitality Investment Trends: Investment trends in the Mediterranean tourist markets and how they inspire tourist investment in our country.