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Hotel Megatrends / Talks 

Three days, 14 different thematic units. Everything that the modern professionals in the industry should know were demonstrated in a rare series of speeches.

Besides the Hotel Megatrends Project, which received very good reviews, the Hotel Megatrends Talks, which were held in a separate 100 sq.m. stage, drew a lot of interest as well. A multitude of business owners and executives, architects and other experts took the stage and analyzed all issues pertaining to the modern hospitality company. Space design, marketing, prevention and medical tourism, wellbeing in architecture, the Boutique hotel trends, a restaurant’ s kitchen, the XL resorts, the eco hotels and eco marketing were some of the topics raised during the weekend.

Xenia-Hotel-Megatrends-Talks-2019-Panelofspeakers Hotel Megatrends/ Talks

Trends in design and wellbeing have been the center of attention

Everything started with a practical unit on hotel design and materials. This section, totaling 75 minutes, was divided into two parts. The first was focused on materials and included presentations and a discussion with representatives of companies and associations in the aluminum, marble, glass and wood industries. The second part had an Italian flair with a presentation by and discussion with Alessandro Cararra from Carrara S.R.L. on surfaces, technology and design. Architecture, design, sustainability, energy saving and wellbeing were the topics that the speakers elaborated on, with the questions of the attendees and the dialogue that followed contributing to better coverage of topics.

A panel followed, focusing on prevention and medical tourism. Specifically, the guests talked about the need to develop hybrid hospitality models that will include hot springs and medical wellness centers, thereby contributing to health, wellness, wellbeing, and happiness.
Konstantina Tsoutsikou, Creative Director at Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) London studio, took the stage to present, through her experience and course, everything we need to know about Hospitality Design at an international level as well as how Greek entrepreneurs in the industry should invest in the coming years to attract what we call “quality tourism” and create unique experiences. The speeches of the day were concluded by the honored architects and designers of the Hotel Megatrends Project who described how the design of a hotel is linked to the design of new tourism opportunities in general.

Xenia-Hotelmegatrends-Talks-2019-Hospitality-Trends Hotel Megatrends/ Talks

Boutique hotels & XL Resorts were put under the microscope

Hotel Megatrends Talks were equally energetic on Sunday 24/11 as the sharing of experiences and views that could significantly influence the future and contribute significantly to the creative redesign of the Greek tourism product, dominated.
More specifically, the day began with talks about how to represent wellbeing in architecture going beyond environmental design. Shortly after another group of speakers took the stage focusing on the growing trend of Boutique Hotels which change and reshape urban tourism. The kitchen is an essential part of modern hospitality. The speakers that followed talked about the proper design of the hotel kitchen. Another group of speakers followed focusing on XL Resorts while the last topic of the day was beauty and technology. Specifically, the speakers focused on how artificial intelligence serves beauty, the algorithms for personalized products, and the harmonization of modern retail sales, in the wider market, with the hotel business. The Talks of the day ended with a special event. For 15 minutes the attendees had the opportunity to take yoga classes with Giannis Stinis (Fitness Innovations) as part of Wellness Time.

Xenia-Hotelmegatrends-talks-2019-Hospitality-Marketing Hotel Megatrends/ Talks

The eco side of hotels was thoroughly analyzed

The third day of the speeches began with a presentation pertaining to Eco Hotels and Eco marketing as the ecological aspect of hospitality was approached. The next unit pertained to health and nutrition. Concepts such as “we are what we eat”, “technology on the move” and “bridging the gap between the athlete and health” are increasingly drawing attention. So the speakers in this unit focused on how these can be implemented in a hotel. The speeches during Hotel Megatrends/Talks peaked with the Hospitality Education Trends of 2020 where basic knowledge about the present and future of Hospitality Training was shared. Three very useful talks for all those who want to improve their services and know that a well-trained and educated staff is the base.