Exhibitors’ satisfaction is evident

//Exhibitors’ satisfaction is evident

Exhibitors’ satisfaction is evident

All the industry’s leading companies that participated in Xenia 2019 confirm through their positive feedback that this is the place where business deals are being closed!

The Xenia trade show has been successfully completed and already the first indications regarding the exhibitors’ satisfaction with their participation in the exhibition are clearly illustrated in their statements. So all the exhibitors, after a very successful weekend, commercially, with numerous agreements having been concluded and substantial contacts having been made, agree on one thing: that Xenia is a pillar, a meeting point for all serious-minded professionals engaged in the hotel industry; that it is undoubtedly the meeting point of the tourism industry. Also, the fact that it takes place at a very important, critical time, gives them the opportunity to have positive commercial results for the new season.

The overwhelming majority of exhibitors declared that they were excited by the quantity but most importantly by the quality of the visitors. Both the fact that decision makers from the entire spectrum of tourism businesses were involved, as well as the fact that they came to the trade show looking for specific services and equipment, facilitated the talks. The point on which all the exhibitors- with which the team of reporters came into direct contact during the trade show- agreed, was the fact that in addition to the deals closed during the exhibition, they also got more leads than in previous years, which they are pretty confident will turn into business deals in the future and can generally be commercially useful.

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The industry’s leading companies support Xenia

As in the last two events, the 550 exhibitors of the 2019 event – the leading companies in the hotel supply and construction market – “cast their vote” in support of Xenia to promote their services and products more effectively as well as to have the opportunity to meet face to face with the decision makers in the industry. Something that definitely came true during the exhibition. At the truly spectacular 550 stands laid out in all 4 halls of the Metropolitan Expo, the rich variety, quality and innovation of the exhibits that were showcased caught the attention of the visitors.

The equipment and the construction-renovation-energy-saving sectors were represented by 190 and 180 leading companies in the market and demonstrated proposals and secured solutions for all demands and budgets having always an eye on sustainable development. Of course, those professionals who came looking for products for their hotel’s kitchen equipment or to upgrade their f & b services, had to choose between 190 companies; and finally, technology solutions and digital marketing were well represented by 70 very important companies in the industry.

Lastly, the mood for high quality investing by the visitors was a point that many exhibitors mentioned during their talks with the team of reporters of the organizing company, FORUM SA.

Equally important is the view of exhibitors who have attended large trade shows abroad either as visitors or with their own stands. So, according to them, in just 2 years and after three trade show, Xenia has managed to reach an international level, having almost nothing to be jealous of the world’s leading fora.

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The expectations for upcoming business deals reached the 100%

The results of the survey conducted by ALCO at 300 exhibitors clearly show that the suppliers of the hotel industry and the tourism industry in general gave their vote at Xenia 2019 for yet another year. It appears that 45% of those who participated in Xenia 2019 closed trade deals during the exhibition. But the result that stands out is that 100% of the exhibitors believe that they will close deals with the professionals that visited the trade show during the next 6 months. These high rates of satisfaction and commercial efficiency reflect the value of the exhibition’s commercial character, as well as the level of expectations of exhibitors, which is greater than 2018. Another important element is that that 6 out of 10 exhibitors consider that the commercial objectives that led to their participation have been met to a large extent.

89% of exhibitors will participate again at Xenia 2020

Exhibitors’ satisfaction is also very high. 90% of Xenia 2019 exhibitors said they were extremely satisfied with their participation in the exhibition and 89% already expressed their intention to participate in the next event at 2020. These are more impressive results that confirm that Xenia is for the suppliers of the hospitality industry a very important trade show, since it satisfies most of their commercial needs and demands.

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