Xenia promotional budget

//Xenia promotional budget

Xenia promotional budget

The advertising expense for the Xenia 2019 trade show will be significant, as the amount for a number of major communication and promotion projects will reach € 400,000.

The advertising campaign for Xenia 2019 will exceed €400,000 and will cover all facets of social and conventional media. Moreover, using a combination of innovative marketing and advertising techniques, it will showcase the trade show’s potential, maximizing its commercial success and visitor turnout, and consolidating its reputation as the premier trade event in the hospitality industry.

Promotional activities will focus on:

• 43% Television: The advertising campaign includes TV spots in nation-wide Television channels for a 4 weeks period.
• 17% Radio: Radio ads will hit the air on a total of 22 radio stations across Greece.
• 18% Online marketing: Newsletters, Google ads, social media and targeted actions, aiming to reach hospitality managers.
• 8% Newspaper and magazines: The show’s printed promotion will be featured on all trade magazines of the tourism sector and newspapers with high circulation.
14% Barcode invitations: The organizing company will sent 60.000 personal barcoded invitations.