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/Workshop by SEEME

Workshop by SEEME

An interesting workshop on the Importance of ergonomic equipment for any hotel restaurant by the Panhellenic Foodservice Equipment Suppliers Association (in Greek: S.E.E.M.E.) took place, on Sunday, during Xenia 2018.

The keynote speaker of the workshop was Mr. Panagis Grigoratos, Restaurant Consultant for Restaurant Profits, who pointed out that an ergonomic hotel kitchen can ensure higher profits, success and productivity to the highest level. The workshop was held in the C2 room at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition center on Sunday, November 25th and was attended mostly by hoteliers and chefs planning to build or renovate a hotel restaurant kitchen.

Key points
During the workshop, Mr. Grigoratos spoke about the elements of the term “professionalism” regarding the foodservice sector and referred to the importance of a well-designed restaurant concept in order to generate profits. Then, he underlined the importance of developing a comprehensive business plan and referred to the contribution of ergonomic kitchen equipment to reduced costs and increased profits. Finally, he shared his 5 basic steps before designing a restaurant kitchen and recommended ways to choose and purchase the appropriate machinery.

Open discussion
At the end of the workshop, members of the Panhellenic Foodservice Equipment Suppliers Association, in cooperation with Mr. Grigoratos, had an interesting discussion with hoteliers and chefs on several topics regarding restaurant equipment, giving examples and proposing solutions for each particular case. It was arguably an extremely useful workshop that underlined the contribution of the right restaurant equipment to the profitability of each hotel unit.