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Visitor survey 2022

The visitors of the trade show were impressed by the high organizational level, the huge range of products and the quality of the exhibitors, according to a survey carried out by the organizing company.

The organizing company, always aiming to improve both in terms of the organizational level and the variety and quality of exhibitors and exhibits, conducted a visitor survey, on a large and representative sample of 470 visitors, during the three days of the exhibition (November 26-28).

Did you find the products you visited the trade show for?

6 Visitor survey 2022 Highlights

The trade show that covers all the needs and requirements of the industry

Τhe large attendance at Xenia 2022 of the visitors who are Business Owners (75%), or General Managers (12%), gave the exhibition once again a huge commercial value, since their presence in this constitutes a necessary and decisive condition for the conclusion of commercial agreements. The fact that 63% answered that they visited the exhibition to find out about trends and new products and an impressive 91% that they found the products and services they were looking for, proves that Xenia is the leading exhibition for the tourism industry, which covers all the demands and needs.

Did you close commercial deals with exhibitors during Xenia?

7 Visitor survey 2022 Highlights

Do you intend to close commercial deals with the exhibitors you met during Xenia, within the next six months?

8 Visitor survey 2022 Highlights

97% of visitors declared satisfied with XENIA 2022

97% said they were satisfied to extremely satisfied with the exhibition and the overwhelming percentage of 96% of the participants in the survey said they would visit also Xenia 2023. Also, the commercial effectiveness of the exhibition was also very important, as according to the survey, 68% of the visitors stated that they intend to close commercial agreements with the exhibitors in the next six months. It is worth noting that of the professionals who responded positively to whether they intend to close commercial agreements in the next 6 months, 74% were hoteliers. Also, a significant percentage of 23% stated that they closed agreements with the exhibiting companies during the exhibition.

Were you satisfied with your visit to the exhibition?

9 Visitor survey 2022 Highlights

How likely do you think it is that you will visit the next edition of the trade show in 2023?

10 Visitor survey 2022 Highlights

2022 was a very successful tourism season according to the survey

According to the same survey, 86% of the hoteliers who participated in it declared satisfied with the incoming tourism in our country during 2022 season and the quality of tourists, while at the same time 81% of them declared they were quite satisfied with the arrivals and icome of their accommodation. All the above data, as well as the fact that 55% of respondents said they believe the 2023 season will be even better than the 2022 season, confirm the great commercial success of the exhibition and the willingness of hoteliers to invest. Finally, a very important element that emerged from the survey is the fact that 59% have already adopted sustainable practices in their business while 84% are thinking of adopting sustainable practices in the future.

*The survey was carried out by the company Alco, on behalf of FORUM AE, the organizing company of XENIA, with the aim of improving the exhibition. The quantitative research for visitors was carried out in the form of personal interviews using a semi-structured questionnaire lasting 8′-10′, in a sample of 470 Greek professionals from the wider hotel and construction industry, architects, catering professionals, who either have a business or intend to open a new business. The interviewees were decision makers of the company, and the sample includes professionals from all over Greece (Attica, North, South, Central and Island Greece. The interviewees were approached upon exiting the exhibition at both of its entrances. The survey was done from Saturday November 26 to Monday November 28, 2022.