Strong and targeted marketing plan

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Strong and targeted marketing plan

450,000€ is the organiser’s budget for a targeted and powerful campaign in television, radio and digital environment.

Xenia is undoubtedly the meeting place of the tourism industry and a meeting point for all professionals working in the hotel industry. The organizing company, aiming every year at maximizing the promotion of the exhibition and thereby maximize turnout and marketing effectiveness of exhibitors, invests greater and greater amounts every year for the promotion of the exhibition, while creating a carefully designed marketing plan. With a budget of 400,000€, Xenia 2022 ad will dominate all media, digital and non-digital.

Significant promotional budget

The advertising campaign of Xenia 2022 shall have a leading role in all media with thousands of TV and radio advertisements, Google Ads, promoted posts etc.
More specifically, 43% of the available budget will be invested in a three-week television campaign across all national networks, 16% in radio spots in 14 radio stations leading in ratings, 18% in digital marketing (newsletters, social media, Google ads), 14% in barcode invitations (posting of 65,000 personal invitations to hotel owners) and 9% in printed advertising at professional magazines and newspapers of wide circulation.
It is worth noting that in order to further internationalize the exhibition, there will be an increase in actions in target markets abroad seeking the maximum possible promotion of the exhibition internationally, in order to reach 150 hoteliers from the Balkans and Mediterranean countries.