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Hotel Megatrends by xenia 2019: Innovation and Tradition

With a central theme “Innovation and Tradition”, Hotel Megatrends by Xenia 2019, gave solutions and inspired the whole spectrum of the visitors of the trade show!

logo-megatrend Hotel Megatrends 2019

With its central theme of “Innovation and Tradition”, Hotel Megatrends by xenia 2019 made a dynamic comeback to present itself even more sophisticated, giving solutions and inspiring the full range of visitors of the exhibition!

At a time when all major tourism industry executives say that the strategy of the tourism product should focus, in the future, both on quality and on creating experiences for the hotel client, Hotel Megatrends has tried to contribute to this evolution of Greek tourism, to highlight ways in which key but indispensable variables such as innovation and modern international practices can be combined with our tradition.

Hotel Megatrends / Spaces:

In a specially designed by Makridis Associates area of 350 square meters, five renowned architects and designers respectively presented five concepts of hotel spaces, placing architecture and design at the forefront as key creative tools. The venues that were presented in this year’s project are the following:


More than a Reception Area: In modern European cities, Receptions of hotels are transformed into meeting places, in spaces where they can hold business meetings and workplaces in general. Such a place is not only aimed at hotel guests but on the contrary, it is aimed at both residents and visitors of the city. In this way, the hotel is transformed into a living organization, incorporates the lifestyle of the city and creates new business opportunities for the owner.


Searching for our lost identity: At a time when boutique hotels have evolved into a dynamic and evolving trend of our country’s big cities, it must be realized that such a trend can reshape the identity of the urban web as well as the future of the tourism. Design plays a key role in this process. Strategically linking design with our tradition is an extremely important process that will influence the unique experience the visitor will experience at the place he / she chooses to visit.


Designing ‘smart’ spaces: Innovative design can make even a 28 sq.m space look great, that can accommodate, with all the amenities a home provides, up to 4 people while meeting all their daily needs. The result is not only in terms of guest usage but also in terms of investor usage. In such an urban building, both students and travelers who love the city center can coexist and support only value for money solutions.


Perfect connection to nature: A restaurant in nature could only be made with natural materials. This restaurant, which is not clearly defined as indoor or outdoor since it can be both, is an absolute example of sustainable architecture based on natural building materials and decoration. Excellent aesthetic effect, natural shading, natural sound insulation and the definition of wellbeing.


Lighting architecture creates unique experiences: Most of the time a hotelier entrepreneur treats lighting as the final stage of design and is often called upon to do so just before the hotel opens. Through a conceptual approach the message was clear. Lighting creates a special character in the living space and can often affect or inspire the overall design. This is why the place of architectural lighting belongs to the beginning of a study.

Major sponsors have long supported the implementation of such a grand project. Platinum sponsors were TEAM SA, Stamatopoulos group, Akritas and IT concept. Gold Sponsors were Bright special lighting, ABB and Luncheon SA. A total of about 50 companies in the sectors of construction, furnishing, decoration and wellbeing contributed to the successful creation of the Hotel Megatrends Project by Xenia 2019!

Architects Lounge by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture

The Hellenic Institute of Architecture, demonstrating its active role in the essential connection of Greek Architecture with Greek Hotels, participated for the first time in the Xenia exhibition. Specifically, it was responsible for the design and construction of the Architects Lounge, a space that formed part of an overall exhibition experience as it was adjacent to the Hotel Megatrends project and the Hotel Megatrends / Talks Stage. In this area, a special photography exhibition showcased the relationship between Greek Architecture and the Greek Hotel, through a historical overview. At the same time, the Architects Lounge managed to become, during the exhibition, a meeting point between the world of Architecture & Design and a networking platform between architects and hotel executives.