Hoteliers voted for Xenia

//Hoteliers voted for Xenia

Hoteliers voted for Xenia

More than 32,000 decision makers from 20,600 enterprises operating in the hospitality industry visited Xenia 2019, to find ideas, suggestions, innovations and solutions for their businesses.

Owners and executives of more than 12,000 hotels and rented accommodations, architects and decorators from about 3,000 offices, more than 1,500 representatives of construction companies and thousands more professionals from catering, hotel equipment, food and beverage marketing businesses and business consultants, had a strong presence at this annual event which for another year served as the pillar of development for the tourism industry. The almost universal presence of visitors engaged in decision-making, at ΧΕΝΙΑ 2019, added, once again, huge commercial value to the trade show, as their presence constitutes a necessary and decisive precondition for the closing of business deals.

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The parallel events impressed the visitors

Their great satisfaction with this year’s event was reflected in the evaluation of the quality of services, the exhibits, the parallel events and generally the trade show through the use of the Private Review devices. The devices were located both at the exits of the exhibition center and at the venues of the parallel events. Therefore, according to the results, 95% of the visitors gave a positive sign to the whole event. In fact, 75% said they were completely satisfied. Impressive was the impact of the Hotel Megatrends Project as it approached a perfect score (99%) in the evaluation with 93% of the visitors being totally satisfied. The satisfaction score for the speeches during Megatrends Talks reached 77%. The 3rd International Hospitality Forum organized by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels during the first day of Xenia was a great success scoring 92% in positive ratings. Last but not least Digi Hotel broke all rating records, with 94% expressing their satisfaction with the speeches they attended as part of the event.

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95% of visitors stated they were satisfied with XENIA 2019

The survey data is revealing as to the high degree of visitor satisfaction as 95% said they were satisfied with the trade show, and an overwhelming 86 % of its visitors were confident that they would visit Xenia 2020. Also very important was the commercial effectiveness of the trade show as according to the survey 95% of professionals said that their visit to the trade show provided them with an opportunity for networking and getting to meet new suppliers.

Xenia 2019: Degree of satisfaction from visiting

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At the same time, 65% of visiting professionals said they intend to conclude commercial agreements with exhibitors over the next six months. It is worth noting that of the professionals who responded positively to whether they intend to close business deals within the next 6 months, 76% were hoteliers. Also, a significant percentage, of the order of 20%, stated that they had closed deals with the companies-exhibitors during the trade show.

Intention of visiting Xenia 2020

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Finally, the high level of the exhibition’s organization as well as of the companies that participated as exhibitors, left the best impression on the visitors who in fact at a percentage of 97% said that everything was perfectly organized and that, at a percentage of 96%, they were satisfied by the large variety and the number of exhibitors and products.