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Leading experts analyze the industry’ s new era

For fourth consecutive year, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels is organizing the International Hospitality Forum, which after three successful events has been recognized as a leading forum for dialogue, information and exchange of knowledge and ideas regarding the hospitality industry.

The 4th International Hospitality Forum will take place on Saturday, November 28, as part of Xenia 2020 exhibition, according to the official health protocols and the guidelines that the new normality, that has been formed worldwide, requires.

Leading representatives of renowned international tourist brands, foreign and Greek experts from the academic community and the business industry will analyze the catalytic effects of the global pandemic on the hospitality industry and discuss how to effectively address the challenges it faces.

Responsible and valid information and specialized knowledge play a key role in shaping a successful business strategy and this is the great added value of the International Hospitality Forum for every hotelier, for every member of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.