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Trends & digital modern solutions dominated Digi Hotel

At Xenia’s Digi Hotel, once again specialized speakers presented for three days on the stage of Hall 1, all the modern tools of Digital Marketing for the tourism industry and the ways of their utilization by hoteliers and the tourism executives.

Post show – Monday, November 28

Digital Transformation of hotel businesses, sustainability and smart tools that help hoteliers to increase bookings and revenues and improve their services were the topics that dominated the 3rd and last day of Digi Hotel Xenia 2022.

The day started with the panel discussion on “Digital Transformation: Technologies & automations untie the hands of the hotelier”, moderated by Mr. Kostis Kapopoulos co-Founder of W2 and Mr. Konstantinos Alexiou, Chief Commercial Officer of Worldline Greece, Mr. Christos Varsami, co-Founder of Vivestia, Mr. Dimitris Kapellos Head of R&D Innovation of Globalsat and Mr. Nikos Gioka Business Development Manager of UpStay as speakers. In the discussion, all new technologies which have really changed the scene in the hotel sector, providing modern and sustainable solutions, as well as the developments in the field of Payments, which loosen the hands of hoteliers were presented and analyzed.

XENIA-2022-ZAG05168-400X270 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Kostis Kapopoulos, Dimitris Kapelos, Konstantinos Alexiou, Christos Varsamis, Nikos Giokas
XENIA-2022-ZAG05188-400X270 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Vasilis Efthymiou

Afterwards, Mr. Vassilis Efthimiou, CEO of Panel TV spoke about the journey of the visitor’s digital experience, while Mr. Yiannis Angelakis Marketing Director of the Data Consulting company spoke about human resources and how technology increases performance.

Mr. Stavros Malamas, Business Development Manager of GuestFlip analyzed the issue of managing reviews in hotels, in a difficult time, such as this year’s tourist season.

“Digital sustainability” for hotels was under the microscope of the speakers in a panel discussion, moderated by Ms. Viki Vamiedaki Journalist of 24Media and speakers Mr. Ioannis Pappa, president of Green Evolution, Ms. Maria Fouda Marketing Director of Google for Southeast Europe, Mr. Yiannis Tsichlis Corporate Affairs Director of the Grecotel Hotel Group and Mr. Spyros Redetakos Head of the Small Business Banking Division of Alpha Bank. All the issues of digital sustainability, the good practices that a hotel should follow today, the financial tools that are available and the role of education were analyzed at this very interesting discussion.

XENIA-2022-ZAG05347-400X270 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Viki Vamiedaki, Spyros Redetakos, Maria Foudas, Yiannis Tsichlis, Ioannis Pappas
XENIA-2022-ZAG05400-400X270 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Antonis Mylonakis

Mr. Dimosthenis Brusalis, General Manager of Dasc Branding Athens spoke about the Destination Marketing and how the correct promotion of the destination will fill the hotel, while Ms. Maria Halari Content Manager of Captule T, coordinated the presentations of the new companies that are in the XEE accelerator. Smart solutions were presented by Mr. Giorgos Pilpilidis CEO of Kleesto and Mr. Stelios Christakis Founder and CEO of Tourmie.

The presentations of greek companies, innovative products and solutions that help hoteliers to enrich the services they provide to their customers were followed. Mr. Antonis Mylonas, Technology Founding Partner of Tasteat spoke about the new FnB company for hotels & rentals and short-term rental accommodation, Mr. Dimitris Floros, CCO of Welcome Pickups presented the transport services provided by Welcome Pickups in many countries and Mr. Giorgos Karathanasis, CEO of Hotellisense, explained how each hotel’s data drives revenue, occupancy and profits. Finally, Mr. Aris Ikkos, Scientific Director of INSETE and Giorgos Koutsokostas, Director of Education of INSETE, spoke about INSETE’s Digital Tools and business planning in tourism.

Post show – Sunday, November 27

Digital Marketing, Advertising and Social Media for Hotels were the main themes of the speeches and panel discussions that dominated the second day of Digi Hotel, during Xenia exhibition.

The day started with a discussion on “Websites: content, photos, experiences and SEO”, moderated by Mr. Alexandros Dardoufas, Program Leader at the School of Tourism of the Metropolitan College and participants Mr. Dimitris Serifis CEO of Nelios, Mr. Angelos Karagounakis, CEO of Hotelwize and photographer Mr. Giorgos Fakaros, Vision Required™ of Fakaros.com. The speakers explained how today a modern website serves multiple purposes in a hotel, essentially displaying all the services it provides to potential customers.

XENIA_22_DIGI-HOTEL1_400X300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Eleni Lioga
XENIA_22_DIGI-HOTEL3_400X300-1 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Nikos Xydas and Maria Thomadaki

Then Ms. Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, Managing Director of the Social Mellon company, spoke about the developments in the field of social media, and weather should be managed in house or by external partners, depending on the needs of each accommodation.

Mr. Yiannis Banasis, CEO of Citrus Nobilis, spoke about GoogleMyBusiness and how hoteliers can properly build their business profile, in this important and free tool. The Case Study of Mitsis Hotels as an example of excellent practices in the subject of website and digital marketing, was presented by Ms. Eleni Lioga Digital, Marketing Manager of the Mitsis hotel group.

A panel of distinguished speakers analyzed the latest trends in digital hotel marketing. With Mr. Sotiris Varela, Assistant Professor of the University of Piraeus as moderator, Mr. Vassilis Polyzos, Co-Founder of THE VSCOPE, Mr. Yiannis Koutsopoulos, CEO of Abouthotelier, Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis, Chief Innovation Officer of TheFutureCats and Mr. Dimitris Lazaridis, CEO of Lazaridis Hospitality as participants.

XENIA_22_DIGI-HOTEL_400X300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Yannis Banasis
XENIA_22_DIGI-HOTEL2_400X300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Tina Michailidou

An original and particularly important speech was made by Ms. Katerina Petropoulou, CEO of the Hotelising company, on creating hotel personalities, who explained how and why today’s hotels must create their own unique personality. Social media advertising and how it has been shaped today was analyzed during the presentation of Ms. Tina Michailidou, Founder of GR8 Communication, while Ms. Anna Vouterakou, Senior Account & Operations Manager at Relevance explained how hoteliers can create an efficient campaign with AdWords. The new rising trend that is Tik Tok advertising for hotels was presented by Mr. Nikos Xydas Founder of Humble Digital Agency, explaining that the audience of this relatively new social medium is the future guests of hotels and how they should take advantage of it.

Digi Hotel concluded with the speech on “Can an Influencer Bring Customers?” by Ms. Anna Paparizou, Founder of Dreamista, who gave advice to hoteliers on their correct selection and evaluation of the influencers that are going to choose.

Xenia Report Saturday 28 November

Digi Hotel, the largest event for the digital world of hotels in Greece has begun with the assessment of the tourist season that has just ended and with the estimates for 2023.

During the speech about the online sales of Greek hotels, the speakers noted the great increase that they recorded this season, a trend that already shows strong signs of continuing. The panel was moderated by the journalist Ms. Vicky Tryfona, while the speakers were Ms. Maria Sarri Head Of Sales of the Primalres/Webhotelier group, Mr. Thodoros Katsimbras COO of Bookonline, Mr. Basilis Riavoglou Senior Business Development Manager Eastern Med & Balkans from OTA Insight and Mr. Periklis Gombakis Sales & Marketing Director of the MarBella group Collection.

Then Mr. Marios Kounelis, Group Sales Director of Webhotelier, analyzed the good practices and solutions on how hotels can increase direct bookings through their site. As he explained the tools currently available can be highly targeted to direct potential customers to the hotel’s official site to book.

Xenia-2022-DigiHotel-ZAG04132_400x300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Stella Tsantila
Xenia-2022-DigiHotel-ZAG03910_400x300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Thomas Poulios

The critical topic “OTA’s VS Direct Sales” and how the hotelier will achieve the right mix, was analyzed by Mr. Markos Georgiou, CEO of Loguers, while Mr. Thomas Poulios, CEO of Hotel Availabilities spoke about the Channel tool Manager, explaining to the public how many and which sales channels a hotelier should choose, depending on his accommodation and the parameters he needs to calculate. The increase in revenues and the improvement of reviews of a hotel and how these are achieved by Content Parity were analyzed to the audience by Mr. Dimitris Tzompanakis of Hotel Solutions and Official Partner Greece of the GIATA company.

A Work Shop held for the first time in Greece, with the theme “The pyramid of sales – From the first click to the reception at the hotel”, won over the audience. With the coordinator Ms. Penny Georgakopoulou CEO of the company Smart Ideas and speakers Ms. Marilis Efraimidis, journalist of Marie Claire magazine, Dimitris Serifis, CEO of Nelios, Ms. Vicky Dorzioti Director of Sales of Axia Hospitality and Vasso Minza Sales & Marketing Director of AKS Hotels, the discussion covered the entire “journey” that a consumer makes, from the first moment he decides to travel, until he arrives at his hotel.

Xenia-2022-DigiHotel-DSC_2988_400x300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Dimitris Tzompanakis
Xenia-2022-DigiHotel-ZAG03893_400x300 Xenia Digi Hotel 2022
Markos Georgiou

The topic of Revenue & Sales Management was analyzed by Mr. Giorgos Ergazakis, co-Owner of the RevitUp company, while solutions and advice on Parity tips and the correct pricing of hotel rooms were given by Mr. Alexandros Damigos, CEO of The Rate Parity company.

Ms. Stella Tsantila, co-Founder of the company INcrementUM mentioned all the “do’s and don’ts” that a hotelier should follow with OTA’s and gave valuable advice to avoid mistakes, but also good practices. The first day of operations of Digi Hotel came to an end with Mrs. Ioanna Dretta, CEO

of Marketing Greece, who spoke about the dynamic audience of digital nomads and how they can be a common goal for hotels.

Official partner of Digi Hotel is Worldline Greece, which is one of the largest card payment acceptance and settlement companies in the Greek market. The company was established on 1/7/2022, as part of the new strategic partnership between Eurobank and Worldline #1 in Europe for digital payments, combining the strengths of both companies. 130,000 Greek businesses with physical and online stores already enjoy the advantages of its products and services. Worldline offers integrated card payment solutions in physical locations as well as online.