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Xenia Architect Lab Lectures

Xenia, which always aims to evolve in order to offer a comprehensive experience to the visitor, presented the “Architect Lab” project, part of which were also the “Architect Lab Lectures”.

The “Xenia Architect Lab” was a facility of 800 sq.m. in Hall 2, where in a highly aesthetic space 26 companies presented innovations materials and products and modern technologies as it concerns the construction and decoration. To see more about the project and its exhibitors, click here.

A large part of the project was of course the specially designed stage where a series of speeches and presentations were held and aimed to create a point of innovation and inspiration for all the visitors.

Post show Monday 28th November

The last day of the exhibition as well as the Architect Lab Lectures started with Mrs. Maria Dialyna, Senior Lead Auditor & Food Products Leader of Bureau Veritas, who referred to the fact that the reduction of food waste appears as a key mean of saving resources and strengthening the hotels’ environmental practices. She analyzed the main Do’s & Don’ts regarding the reduction of waste in Hotel restaurants, while giving useful tips. Then, Dimitris Ptochos (PEOPLE), Yiannis Nikolinakos (Contemporary Structural Constructions) and Evgenios Vassilikos (Capital H), mentioned that the architectural bet for the “Editor Hotel Athens” was to create a modern hotel that would, however, “carry” the tradition and history of the building which housed the newspaper “Athletic Echo”. Their aim was for the hotel to reflect the soul of a place where iconic stories were born, written, and printed.

XENIA-2022-ZAG05179-400x300-1 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Maria Dialina
XENIA-2022-ZAG05216-400x300-1 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Evgenios Vassilikos, Dimitris Ptochos, Yiannis Nikolinakos

As the day continued, Stavros Peppas (Stavros Peppas Architect & Partners), Christina-Ioanna Lambrou (Stavros Peppas Architect & Partners), Leon Avigad (Founder & Co-owner Brown Hotels), during their presentation on “Brown Lighthouse Athens Hotel” mentioned that the hotel combines modern baroque elements and an intense color palette creating an unexpected setting that impresses from the moment you enter, while the fast pace and special design create a unique experience. Along the way, Alexis Mikos, Owner and Commercial Director of MIKOS, presented to the attendees unique proposals for decoration fabrics based on modern trends and Georgia Sfantos, Owner and Commercial Director of Bamboo Sfantos, referred to the fact that hoteliers nowadays search for different, ecological, handmade furniture that is environmentally friendly and bamboo furniture is a solution that gives a unique aesthetic to a space.

Finally, as part of the Green Talks, Christos Bitzis, Senior PPC Expert of Nelios, held the Google workshop entitled “How to communicate the ecological practices of a business on the internet”. The participants learned about the new consumer trends regarding environmental sustainability, the importance of ecological actions in the hotel industry and were informed about the digital tools that can help them communicate their services and their environmental actions. Also, Mr. Bitzis held the Google workshop entitled “Sustainable tourism: Grow your business all year round”, where the attendees were informed about how they can create an annual marketing plan using useful data to find new customers and for digital tools that can help them communicate their services throughout the year.

Post show Sunday 27th November

The beginning of the speeches was made by the Sales Manager of Alpha Design & Shadow, Mr. Giorgos Apostolopoulos, who referred to the fact that now businesses have to face new rapidly changing climate conditions as well as an energy crisis, which put the hoteliers, regarding the outdoor areas of their hotel, in search of energy-efficient and innovative shading products, which, however, provide a highly aesthetic effect, such as the company’s bioclimatic pergola.

XENIA-2022-ARCHITECT_LAB1_400X300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Ilias Bratopoulos, Marianna Sbokou, Aphrodite Bonatsou
XENIA-2022-ARCHITECT_LAB3_400X300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Dr. Ioannis Pappas

Then, Konstantinos Kydoniatis (Owner F. & K. & Associates), Haris Xanthis (General Manager Atlantica Hotels & Resorts) presented the Atlantica Sensatori Dream Resort Rhodes. Thery referred to the fact that the architectural challenge of the project was to create a modern hotel complex that could accomodate both families and couples. Eleanna Makridis from Makridis Associates architectural office and Jerry Diamantatos, Area Manager of Domes Resorts presented the Domes of Corfu case study and said that its renovation followed a sustainable process in both design and construction and that its operation follows modern sustainable characteristics. The renovation included the remodeling of all common areas and rooms with a distinct aesthetic that blends with the surroundings of Corfu. Then, Elias Bratopoulos (B-Group), Aphrodite Bonatsou (Stones & Walls) and Marianna Sbokou (Parocks) presented the Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa, which according to its founders is a modern rendering of traditional Cycladic architecture. As they mentioned, the interior design of all the hotel’s spaces is inspired by the natural environment, in order to ensure the necessary sense of escape and freedom.

XENIA-2022-ARCHITECT_LAB2_400X300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Theodosis Frankos
XENIA-2022-ARCHITECT_LAB_400X300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Konstantinos Kydoniatis and Haris Xanthis

Then, Kostas Tseregounis, Managing Partner of BOX Interiors, spoke about the importance of procurement in the design of a hotel unit and Theodosis Fragos, marketing director & CEO of the Fragos Group presented innovative architectural digital flame projects that can make the difference in a hotel unit. Finally, in the context of the Green Talks, Dr. Ioannis Pappas, President & CEO of Green Evolution A.E. and Director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for the Mediterranean region, held the Google workshop entitled “Environmental sustainability & good practices of Greek hotels” where those who attended learned about the 4 main categories of the action: Energy, water, waste management as well as supply chain. They were informed about sustainability certifications and the required criteria for small and medium-sized hotels and learned about best practices from hotels in Greece and abroad. Finally, Dr. Ioannis Pappas also held the Google workshop entitled “Financial programs for small and medium-sized hotels in Greece” during which the participants were informed about the trends and priorities for upgrading the hotel based on sustainable development, the creation of a sustainability business plan for the hotel and the financial programs that exist.

Post show Saturday 26th November

The first day of the workshops started with the presentation of the Architect Lab project by the main team that worked on its implementation on an architectural and branding level. Specifically, the architect Rena Sakellaridou (RS Sparch), the lighting designer Aris Klonizakis (LAStudio), Daniel Frampton, Lighting Director of Artemide Hellas and Dimitris Koliadimas, Founder and Design Director of Semiotik Design, spoke about the inspiration behind the project and the innovations they wanted to present at an architectural, construction level and in the field of lighting and branding.

Along the way, Nikolas Travasaros (Divercity), Memos Filippidis (mplusm), Stefania Flega (YES Hotels) presented NOŪS, the largest resort on the island of Santorini, which operates from June 2022. As they said their goal from the moment of inspiration until its implementation was for the resort to follow the Young Enthusiastic Seductive triptych, i.e. authentic design and style, art, obsession with detail and high level personalized services for each guest.

Xenia-2022-ArchitectLabLectures-DSC_2254_400x300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Daniel Frampton, Aris Klonizakis, Dimitris Koliadimas, Rena Sakellaridou
Xenia-2022-ArchitectLabLectures-ZAG04073_400x300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Elia Nikitopoulou

Then, Pantelis Stefanis (STFNLAB), Daniel Frampton (Artemide), Kyriakos Mourkakos (Cali Mykonos) presented the Cali Hotel Mykonos, which as they said combines traditional Cycladic simplicity with modern luxury. The inspiration behind the hotel is Calliope, the Greek goddess of music, song and dance and that’s why Cali Mykonos began with a vision to create a haven for relaxation whilst celebrating the rich beauty of the island and combining local traditions with modern comforts. Along the way, Daniel Frampton, Lighting Director of Artemide Hellas spoke in detail about the new trends in hotel lighting. The presentation of Elia Nikitopoulou, External Affairs Officer of BlueCycle was also very interesting. Mrs. Nikitopoulou presented the BlueCycle activity and specifically stated that it is a Blue and Circular Economy program with the aim of utilizing plastics from fishing and shipping activities in the field of design through innovative applications. As she said, the goal is to create high-quality raw material, suitable for reintegration into industry, and to promote a holistic approach to dealing with the problem of plastic waste that ends up in the sea.

Xenia-2022-ArchitectLabLectures-DSC_2583_400x300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Nikolas Travasaros, Memos Filippidis, Stefania Flega
Xenia-2022-ArchitectLabLectures-ZAG03943_400x300 Xenia Architect Lab Lectures
Stefanis Pantelis, Daniel Frampton, Kyriakos Mourkakos

Then Dr. Ioannis Pappas, President & CEO of Green Evolution A.E. and Director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for the Mediterranean region, referred in detail to the global trends that will dominate in 2022-2023 in terms of sustainable tourism as well as issues related to the certification of sustainable hotels in Greece.

* The Project Management of the Xenia Architects Lab and the program of the seminars from 12:30-16:00 have been organized by the architectural magazine ek magazine.

At the same time, the program from 16:00-18:30 has been done by Dr. Ioannis Pappas, President & CEO of Green Evolution A.E., Director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for the Mediterranean region, GSTC Lead Evaluator for Destinations in EMEA, Inspector in the most important Sustainable Tourism certification systems, for hotels, Tourist Offices and Destinations, as well as GSTC’s lead trainer for Southeast Europe. He is also leading the GSTC Team for the agreement with the Ministry of Tourism on Sustainability and the new National Strategy.