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Hundreds of Hoteliers attended the annual General Assembly of the Hellenic Champer of Events, which took place during ΧΕΝΙΑ trade show, the very first day of the event. 

The chairman of the Champer, Mr Alexandros Vassilikos was the first to address the people of the Hospitality Industry. He referred to the recent Pandemic and the exemplary approach of the Hoteliers, who implemented the strictest protocols, contributing to the country’s health safety, as well as to the impressive growth of Greek Tourism. He also noted the most important issues that the sector faces today, such as short term rentals, copywrites, but also the increased costs of hotels, especially of these that are open during the whole year.  

Then, the Minister of Tourism, Vasilis Kikiliaς made his way to the podium and praised the people of the Hospitality sector for their professionalism during the Covid crisis, stressing that they helped significantly to the success story of Greek Tourism, while he noted the need for the country to attract visitors all year round.

XENIA-2022-GeneralAssemby-ZAG03632_400X300 General Assembly of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Vassilis Kikilias

XENIA-2022-GeneralAssemby-ZAG03494_400X300 General Assembly of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Alexandros Vasilikos

After Mr Kikilias, it was the turn of the Nurnberg Messe Group’s CEO, Mr. Peter Ottmann to address the tourism professionals. Mr Ottmann underlined that Greece managed to adopt to the post-Covid era, quickly. He also stated that this was the reason the country was selected to host 2 international meetings of great importance: The Group Strategy Workshop of Nuremberg Messe Group, with the participation of 40 executives of subsidiaries from all over the world and the Meeting of 24 trade show organizers from Europe , members of EMECA (The European Major Exhibition Centres Association). They all were extremely impressed by the Greek hospitality, but also by its high quality services.

Then, Mr Giannis Retsos, chairman of SETE, referred to the “Tourism 2030” strategy of SETE and the decision that his sector needs to take, in order to make some fundamental changes, placing environmental concerns and sustainability in the center of its growth. Finally, he announced that, after 23 years of addressing via public service the main issues of the Hospitality Industry, he intends to opt out of this engagement, at the upcomig end of his term.

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Peter Ottmann

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Snapshot from the General Assembly

After that, Mr Grigoris Tasios, Chairman of ΗΗF (Hellenic Hoteliers Federation) underlined the hard year they all face due to the increased costs, while the manager of HCH, Agni Christidou, made a brief review on the Chamber’s initiatives during the Pandemic. Then, Mrs Eleni Andreadi, who is in charge of the educational program «Φιλοξενία μου» (My Philoxenia), said a few words about the  innovative project of the Chamber, that is addressed to Elementary School Students.

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XENIA-2022-GeneralAssemby-ZAG03499_400X300 General Assembly of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Finally, 3 startups, members of the CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator of the Chamber,  showcased their projects and Mrs Konstantina Svinou, from the Research Institute of Tourism (member of HCH) referred to the researches that the Chamber published during 2022.