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“The perfect timing to make any preparation for hotel construction is the month of November, and especially the end of November, since the tourist season has been extended. Now is the perfect time and this is the perfect trade show for us, the construction sector.”

Nassos Papapolitis, Papapolitis

“I am overly delighted with Xenia! I consider it a very important trade show for us and I am glad it was re-launched. It was exactly what I wanted. The visitors were targeted, they knew what they wanted to see: products exclusively for hotels.”

Angela Kiourtzoglou, Kiourtzoglou SA

“Xenia is a trade show that was missing both as an institution and in its timing. The organization was very good. The visitors were substantial, including hoteliers, clients of ours who have projects in progress and would like to see how these projects will materialize. “

Tassos Kirpoglou, Pant. Kirpoglou SA

“I think Xenia was missing and I believe this is the perfect timing for its launch. We made significant contacts.”

Konstantinos Kleideris, Nef Nef

“The visitors were particularly targeted. The visiotrs were really interested and were professionals, which means we can do our job easier. We met with many old as well as new clients.”

Michael Sakalidis, Sakalidis SA

“We are really pleased. It is important that people who visit are all hoteliers, so they are of interest to us. There is also enough time and space to discuss business in peace.

George Velivasakis, Candia Strom

“We are extremely pleased. The visitors are targeted, more business-oriented, they know what they want, there was a good flow of people.

Sotiris Mavraganis, Egreen - Ecoraster Hellas

“The trade show was perfectly organized and the visitors were substantial and targeted. All the meetings we had and the deals we made were very positive. It must become an institution.”

George Nikolaidis, Coco - Mat

“We are extremely pleased for the first time. November is the best month as far as the hotel renovation sector is concerned. We’ll be here again next year.”

Thanassis Deligiannis, ETEM SA

“Xenia was a necessary trade show. It is known to hoteliers and this was the prefect time to re-launch it! I am very pleased it is having a second chance and that we will be able to meet up again with hotels, and hotels alone.”

Konstantinos Ardamis, Bed & Bath SA

“The trade show was focused on professionals and especially people involved with hotel and hospitality.”

Konstantinos Biniaris, Potpan Food Masters

“Xenia as an institution was missing for the tourism market.”

George Sideris, Ikiakos Exoplismos SA

“Xenia, with four targeted halls, from building materials to catering to services is making a strong comeback and is setting course for success.”

George Antypas, Revival SA

“We are meeting with hoteliers that know exactly what they want and as a result, took place substantial discussions”

Andreas Kandilas, Suitel SA

“We have met with major hotels and all our potential customers are professionals.”

Nikos Vasileiou, Bright SA

“The trade show had quality visitors. We met with many professionals and I think that all these contacts will give excellent results.”

Alexandros Sachlos, Timbersa

“It is very important that Xenia reserved exclusively for hospitality professionals. There were many and substantive visitors”.

Eleni Kathariou-Gotzopoulou, Greco Strom

“The Xenia trade show was of real interest. We met with our clients and made new contacts.”.

Eleni Michopoulou, Nespresso Professional Synergy SA

“We developed effective contacts with professionals from all across Greece; from the islands, from Peloponnese, from every region of the country. We are extremely pleased.”.

Yiannis Spinos, Elite Strom

“We had effective contacts, especially with hotels and the coffee sector which we mostly cater as Nestle Professional.”

Konstantinos Panouklias, Nestle Professional

“We developed effective contacts. We were visited by important people from hotels. Everyone who visited was here to do business.”

Christoforos Tsapatos, Eletro SA