“We are very impressed from this year’s exhibition. There have been several appointments, large public attendance and the visitors were really interested on the exhibits. I am very satisfied as many of our good customers and representatives from major hotels came to see us. We will definitely participate at Xenia 2022.”

Nikos Fitsilis, Hotel Manager, Papoutsanis SA

“We are very happy with the organization of the exhibition, the plethora of appointments that have been made and the covid-free environment of XENIA.”

Athena Galli, Sales & Marketing, Gallis Lighting

“We are really impressed with the Xenia 2021 exhibition. Professionals have come with real interest and in general we are happy with the number and quality of visitors.”

Nassos Papadatos, CEO, Papadatos SA

“We are initially very satisfied with the measures taken by the organizers regarding the conditions of Xenia to make exhibitors and visitors feel safe. The visitation pleasantly surprised us, many customers came, both new and old. Of course we will participate in Xenia 2022.”

Anastasios Kyrpoglou, CEO, Kirpoglou Premium Textiles

“Our impressions of the event are very positive. The visitors who came, had a purpose, they are people of the hotel industry, who are interested in building a new unit or doing a renovation.”

Nikos Varveris, President and CEO, Moda Bagno

“Our impressions of Xenia 2021 are quite good, several appointments have been made during all three days and the attendance is very good.”

George Velivasakis, Candia

“Our impressions of this Xenia 2021 exhibition are very positive and above our expectations. The people who have visited the exhibition are very targeted and have made several important appointments.”

Aristidis Kourtis, Owner, Kourtis SA

“Our impressions of this year’s Xenia are only positive. The attendance was very high and the customers who visited us were very targeted. They have essentially made appointments; they have made strong appointments. We will definitely participate at Xenia 2022 as well.”

Konstantinos Klideris, CEO of Nef-Nef

“The success of Xenia gives us a lot of hope. The number of visitors were much more than we expected and were very targeted. Despite the conditions, the number of visitors I believe was the same as in 2019, something that surprised us in a positive way. We will definitely take part in 2022 Xenia.”

Nikos Ourailidis, President, Guy Laroche

“Our impressions are excellent, the traffic was quite good, we were visited by people from the hotel industry, architects but also B2C customers who came very purposefully looking for solutions for their home. We made a lot of quality appointments, which I think will have very good commercial results in the near future.”

Gialesis Efthymios, Sales Manager Athens, Petridis Lighting

“The impressions from this year’s Xenia are great, it is a feeling we most certainly missed during the pandemic. Many visitors came with specific needs. We made a lot of quality appointments and everyone was really interested in the new products shown at our booth.”

Panagiotis Drosos, Global Business Development Director, Korres

“The impressions from the exhibition are quite positive and the traffic is much higher than we expected, which is very good for us. The measures taken by the organizing company have created a safe environment for exhibitors and visitors.”

Stylianos Gavos, Commercial Director, Kostopoloulos Horeca

“We are really impressed from this year exhibition, the attendance of the public was satisfactory given the conditions and we are happy that we were given the opportunity to meet again with partners and professionals in the hotel industry and present our new products.”

Michalis Orfanos, Trade & Marketing Manager, Vitex

“The visitors were much more than we expected and were very specific in what they asked for. We made appointments with targeted professionals such as architects, hoteliers, engineers etc.”

Leonardos Papageorgiou, General Manager, Iakovos Papageorgiou

“The impressions from this year Xenia are quite positive and the traffic was at a very good level. We made many appointments with builders and architects but mainly with hoteliers, which made us very happy because it was one of the main requests for our participation in the exhibition.”

Anestis Tarlas, Sales Manager Greece, Europa Profil Aluminum SA

“The Xenia exhibition was truly a breath of fresh air for companies in the industry. Many architectural offices, construction companies and hoteliers visited us and saw up close the solutions we offer as a company. We made many quality appointments.”

Alkisti Katsiava, Marketing Executive, Exalco Aluminum Systems

“After a long time we had the opportunity to meet again with Xenia partners, investors, design firms and this gave us a great satisfaction. All the business meeting we made, had substance and that is why we leave the exhibition with the best impressions.”

Asimina Tsika, CEO, elvial Advanced Aluminum Solutions

“Our impressions of the Xenia 2021 are excellent, the results on a commercial level are much better than we expected, they exceeded our expectations and we really made quality appointments. We believe that we will have very good results from these appointments in the future and we will conclude trade agreements.”

Argyro Pelekou, President, Golden Door

“Xenia 2021 left us with the best impressions and despite the difficulties of the post covid era, for us it was a substantial exhibition. We had several clients who visited our booth and we also made commercial appointments after the exhibition, which is very positive.”

Nikolaos Mitonidis, Sales Manager of Attica & South Aegean, Arabatzis Hellenic Dough

“Kotsovolos participated for another year in the Xenia exhibition and the messages were very positive, as we saw in the eyes of the visitors their thirst to learn the market news and discover the new technologies. People really showed their willingness to meet again at a physical exhibition. The commercial results we collected from Xenia 2021 were very positive and we want to repeat them. That is why we will be at Xenia 2022.”

Antonis Traiforos, Central Operations B2B Manager, Kotsovolos

“Our impressions of Xenia 2021 are great, professional visitors came who really knew what they wanted. We made a lot of targeted appointments and of course we will be at Xenia 2022, as this exhibition is very important for the tourism industry in our country.”

Maria Andronikou, Co-founder & Curator, MIA Collection / Mary by MIA Collection

“The Xenia exhibition was a great opportunity to meet again with our customers and a significant number of hoteliers and to introduce them to the products and solutions we propose for their businesses. We are optimistic that 2022 will be a good year for everyone.”

Anagnostou Maria, Food and Beverages solutions Manager, Nestlé Professional