“Xenia is an exceptional trade show that gets better and better with each passing year. It is the meeting point for all sector professionals. In the coming years, tourism is set to become the number one business and these kind of exhibitions are extremely important.”
Elena Kountoura, Minister of Tourism

“Hoteliers come here not to do Public Relations, but to do business. They come to Xenia to meet with their suppliers. The level of the trade show is indeed exceptional –I hope it will keep blossoming at this rate. Anyhow, it is the kind of trade show that Greece needs to help boost its tourism product, in general.”

Alexandros Vasilikos, Chairman of the HCH
“I think Xenia is a great initiative on behalf of Forum SA, which paves the way for a better collaboration between hoteliers and tourism entrepreneurs and an even better economic outturn.”
Grigoris Tasios, President of the Hellenic Hotel Federation

“Xenia, for the second consecutive year, has proved that it is a trade show that keeps getting better and better, and even more targeted –not only for Greek hoteliers, but for Greek tourism entrepreneurs, as well.”

Christina Tetradis, VP of the Board of the HCH
“This year’s Xenia is very impressive! Exhibitors, after seeing the increased standards of the trade show, are raising the bar to their own presentations and stands.”
Alexandros Aggelopoulos, CEO Aldemar Resorts
“Xenia is the meeting point for all Hospitality professionals. It is an annual appointment, which brings together all Greek tourism players in a single effort to cooperate and respond to the structural problems faced by the sector. Xenia is an extremely successful trade show, with high visibility and many trade visitors.”
Konstantinos Marinakos, President of the Peloponnese Tourism Organization (TOPEL)
“Xenia is an important trade show and, undoubtedly, an equally important hub where tourism professionals get to meet and exchange ideas, present all the latest products and services and transfer their knowledge.”
Dr Andreas Andreadis, CEO Sani / Ikos Group
“It is indeed an impressive trade show! I think this was the best Xenia in recent years and I believe that, soon, it will become the leader in Tourism.”
George Tsakiris, Hotelier, former President of the HCH

“My first impression of Xenia is that it is an elegant show and I believe more profitable for the exhibitors than other shows.”

Daniele Padovan, Sales manager / CULIMAT

“It is a really really nice show and quite big, so you have a lot of things of interest to see here. It reminded me a lot of HOST.”

Antonella Favaro, Marketing Activation Manager / Electrolux
“This is the second time I visit Xenia. It is an impressive show. I think there is quite a big interest about our equipment.”
Εva Centa, Area Manager / FIREX

“This is the second time I visit the trade show and I have to say that I ‘ve been really impressed this year because the level of the exhibitors is very high and in terms of quality of the stands but also of activities and everything around and the quality of the products that are shown is very good.”

Andrea Dall’ Armellina, Export Area Manager / Eurotech

“On quality terms, quite well again. All the players of interest for me are here. It’s nice to meet them, I know I will find them here, that is why I come: to see what’s new and also to be together with our distributor, but also to see, to talk, It’s a good meeting platform for business. Also the quality of the exhibitors is good.”

Andreas Klier, Area Sales Manager / TAFELSTERN
“It’s the first time I visit Xenia. It is a very interesting trade show, very elegant, with many visitors. I see a lot of people interested in our products.”
Florian Lorenz, Rational Corporate Chef / EMEA

“Χenia is a very well-organised exhibition that proves that Greece is one of the biggest tourism and hospitality industries worldwide. I am very happy to be here because, as I have visited the construction of Megatrends, I have noticed that XENIA presents all the latest trends in the hotel industry. I will visit again your exhibition!”

Tatsuya Kumazawa, Managing Director & COO / Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey

“It is the second time for us in the exhibition. Last year we were here and we have been very satisfied, so we came back with a better stand because this is what we want to show. Xenia is very specialized exhibitions and this is their big advantage in comparison with other similar fairs in Germany and the rest of Europe that have more generalized visitors.”

Massimo Santinon, Brand Manager / LINEA LIGHT
“This is the first time for Lifefitness in Xenia and as far as I have seen it’s a very complete exhibition that attracts the majority of hotels, something that is very important for us. Fitness is a very important sector for us and Xenia exhibition is hotels in order to embrace wellness and health giving initially to the tourist a better package of services.”
Alex Almeda, Consumer Sales Manager / DB ΕΜΕΑ LIFE FITNESS
“This is my first time here and I’m really impressed with Xenia. I have been to a lots of trade shows all over the world, but for Greece, Xenia is fantastic. Our business is imperative to be at Xenia premium Exhibition.”
James Blower, Sales Director Hospitality and Wellness / EMEA & APAC MATRIX
“I have been to others fairs around the world and I think Xenia exhibition is really interesting and it brings together all high level professionals of the tourist industry. In addition everybody is present and the show has a fantastic variety of products.”
Gosia Pintrand , International Sales Manager B2B and Amenities / GROUPE L’ OCCITANE