XENIA welcomes the hotel industry again

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XENIA welcomes the hotel industry again

ΧΕΝΙΑ 2021 returns dynamically and covid free. From early in the morning the leading trade meeting for the hotel industry welcomes businessmen and professionals at Metropolitan Expo.

Entrepreneurs and professionals of the hotel, but also of the wider tourism industry have the opportunity to be informed – in a covid-free environment – about the full range of products and services related to construction, decoration, energy, automation, hotel equipment, machinery and kitchen equipment, Food & Beverage and Digital technology.

KTA07023_400x267 XENIA welcomes the hotel industry again Highlights
KTA07168_400x267 XENIA welcomes the hotel industry again Highlights

With the participation of 350 exhibitors, the largest and most important companies in the construction and supply market, Xenia confirms once again that it is the ultimate exhibition for the tourism industry, focusing on all the key issues that concern the modern hotelier, from the development and optimization of their business in terms of infrastructure and services they offer, as well as their digital presence, targeted and correct promotion, and finally the correct management and organization.

KTA07570_400x267 XENIA welcomes the hotel industry again Highlights
KTA07628_400x267 XENIA welcomes the hotel industry again Highlights

The official inauguration of Xenia took place with the opening of the exhibition, by the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, a number of representatives of institutions in the industry and market executives.

Parallel events with targeted and innovative projects

Xenia 2021 presents even more targeted and innovative projects this year, aiming to be a suitable ground for networking, exchange of ideas and proposals, but also platforms for dialogue and knowledge for the professionals of hospitality in Greece in the post covid era. The program of parallel events for the first day of the exhibition is especially interesting. Specifically, the exhibition hosts the 5th International Hosting Forum by Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. The new consumer attitudes and their management by the marketing and sales departments of the hotels and at the same time the emergence of sustainability as a lever for the development of tourism after the pandemic, are some of the main points of the agenda of this year’s event, which will be sponsored for 5th consecutive year by Xenia.

At Digi Hotel, the leading digital event of the hotel industry in Greece, the new dominant role of digital in the hospitality industry and the countless, powerful tools it offers in all sectors, will be mapped. The first day starts with the experts analyzing issues such as the next day of hotels after the pandemic, sales and bookings and of course the latest developments in digital marketing and distribution channels. Also, the online sales and distribution strategy is the topic that occupies the speeches of the Digi Hotel at Hall 3 throughout the first day. View the detailed program of the Digi Hotel here >>

The speeches that will take place at the Build Hotel are also extremely interesting. The development and promotion of infrastructure and services aimed at upgrading the tourism product in conjunction with the harmonization with the local culture and cultural value and the preservation of the natural environment, will star today in the panel discussions that will take place in the specially designed stage in Hall 1. Specifically, sustainable hotel and interaction with the environment will star in today’s speeches. The detailed program of Build Hotel can be seen here.

Greek Breakfast, the important initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, is hosted for the 2nd time in Xenia 2021, in a specially designed stage in Hall 1 at the Metropolitan Expo. Today, the consultant chef of Greek Breakfast, Mr. Stratos Iosisfellis and the chef Mrs Elpida Charalambidou will highlight the Greek breakfast with proposals that include, among others, kadaifi nest, leek pie, Galatopita and baleze. See the program here.