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The global contemporary reality of digital hotels—analyzing the latest digital developments in terms of strategy, sales and marketing—will be thoroughly mapped and presented at this year’s Xenia 2018.

Xenia Digi Hotel, one of the main events of the largest trade show for the hospitality industry in Greece and the Balkans, that will take place at a specially-designated area in Hall 3, will showcase the latest international trends, and educate and inform hoteliers on everything they need to know about today’s digital world. For three days and following a long and comprehensive program, world renowned experts from the fields of digital technologies and hospitality will consolidate all points of interest for all sector entrepreneurs who wish to reap the rewards of the digital revolution, and to improve, maximize and, ultimately, increase their sales and profitability.

Targeted thematic sections, specially-designed for hoteliers

Six thematic sections, two for each day, will cover a plethora of issues concerning large hotels as well as smaller accommodation, and will analyze in detail how to use digital technologies to their benefit.
The following thematic sections will be featured:

  • Digital marketing, promotion and advertising: One of the major sections of the Xenia Digi Hotel, that will reflect the latest changes in legislation regarding private data.
  • Digital sales and booking: Another key section, featuring the largest and most significant online booking companies that will present their strategies for the Greek markets as well as the secrets of direct bookings. Experts will provide instructions and solutions for the correct pricing of hotel rooms, and discuss all there is to know about online booking engines, distribution channels, etc.
  • Content, copywriting, photography and video: Content—i.e. texts, videos, photos and newsletters, and their proper placement in digital and print media—is one the hotel’s main assets in terms of its proper presentation, aimed at attracting the desired clientele. The correct production, use and importance of all data will be analyzed.
  • All the latest developments in Social Μedia: Their different functions, their individual operations and uses, but also their critical importance as sales channels for hotels will be discussed.

Each theme will be analyzed in detail, followed by targeted presentations by market experts, who will provide details and reveal solutions and best practices. Experienced rapporteurs, founders, partners, CEOs, managing directors and top executives from the leading digital technology companies from Greece and abroad, will make Xenia Digi Hotel the principal event in terms of Hotel and Digital developments, in Greece.