Great commercial success for XENIA 2022

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Great commercial success for XENIA 2022

For three whole days, Xenia 2022 played a key role in the effort of Greek tourism to be competitive, innovative and efficient, offering all the necessary “tools” to hoteliers to further upgrade their services and their businesses.

Xenia 2022, for three days with 500 leading exhibitors, targeted parallel events and a comprehensive construction sector, was a pivotal meeting place for the hospitality industry in our country. At the same time, the trade show highlighted all the innovative and up-to-date solutions for the construction, renovation, catering, equipment, and energy upgrade of hotels, as well as a huge range of modern products, specialized services and digital tools that every executive in the tourism industry needs in order to develop his business into a strong brand name of hospitality.

Also, the parallel events of the exhibition – annual General Assembly of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Digi Hotel, Architect Lab, Hotel Career Days – constituted for three whole days a place for the exchange of opinions and knowledge, a channel of communication between distinguished speakers and executives of the tourism industry and an opportunity to inspire and promote innovative ideas and proposals.

Finally, for one more day, the Architect Lab project attracted attention, where the proposals of the exhibitors who participated in this pioneering project aimed to show that new and innovative dominates the market and leads not only to the upgrading of facilities, but also in the creation of eco-friendly and energy saving accommodations that follow the modern global trends in hospitality and contribute to saving money on behalf of businessmen.

XENIA-2022-DSC_4279-2-400x300-1 Great commercial success for XENIA 2022 Highlights
XENIA-2022-EXP00004-400x300-1 Great commercial success for XENIA 2022 Highlights

Parallel events that inspired, informed & highlighted all the trends

Hundreds of professionals from every corner of Greece attended the parallel events of Xenia, hold by leading experts in the field. At Digi Hotel, the speeches were focused in technologies and automation for hotels, hotel guest digital experience, reviews management, digital sustainability plan for hotels, destination marketing and digital tools in tourism. You can see more here.

The Architect Lab Lectures held in Hall 2 featured workshops about sustainability in hotels but also case studies of hotels who exceed for their design. You can see the discussed topics in detail here.

Finally, the Workathlon Hotel Career Days were held for the second and last day. Hundreds of hoteliers had the opportunity to engage with leading companies in the industry through 10-minute interviews and discuss their career development prospects. At the same time, in room C2 speeches were held today by specialized executives of the tourism market who analyzed the latest issues of the industry, both for hoteliers and hotel employees.>>

Xenia renews its appointment for 2023!