The decision makers are here again

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The decision makers are here again

For the 2nd consecutive day, Xenia will be a lively trade forum, where 500 exhibitors will have the opportunity to contact with thousands of hoteliers, architects, f&b managers etc.

Xenia 2022 opened its gates for second day and the 500 exhibitors, and their staffs are ready to welcome the thousands of visitors from all over Greece. After the huge success of the first day, in terms of attendance, expectations are even higher as today, Sunday, even more meetings between exhibitors and potential customers are expected to take place.

The positive climate prevailing in the tourism industry sector and the willingness to invest by the hoteliers seem to be “cashed out” during the exhibition. Hoteliers know that they have to keep the bar high and that they have to constantly evolve and not stand still and follow global trends. So, the Xenia exhibition proves for one more day, through the multitude of options offered by the exhibitors, that it is the commercial forum they will visit to find all the solutions and proposals to make their businesses competitive, both nationally and internationally.

Special mention goes to the Architect Lab, the innovative project developed in Hall 2 of the exhibition, which is dedicated exclusively to materials and construction solutions and present to the architects, decorators, and engineers creative solutions that answer to the modern needs of the hotel industry businesses.

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EXP00002_865x500 The decision makers are here again Highlights

Innovations, trends and keynote speeches on the future of the hotel industry

For the 2nd day today, guests will have the opportunity to attend keynote speeches by experts and executives of the business and academic sector, both on the stage of Digi Hotel and Architect Lab Lectures, enriching their knowledge and receiving full information on developments and new trends in the industry.

More specifically, the speeches and panels of today’s Digi Hotel that takes place in Hall 1, have as common denominator the digital promotion of the business as well as the creation of a unique personality of the hotel. More detailed, the latest trends in Digital Hotel Marketing, Google My Business, social media advertising and the power of influencers in increasing bookings will be discussed. You can see the entire Digi Hotel program in detail here.

At the same time, the Architect Lab Lectures are presented in Hall 2, where today a special series of topics from leading speakers is scheduled, with innovation and new trends in focus. The 2nd day of speeches begins with the experts analyzing topics such as dynamic shading systems, the importance of procurement in the design of a hotel unit, architectural digital flame projects, environmental sustainability for hotels, while case studies of large hotels will also be presented.

The detailed program of the Architect Lab Lectures can be seen here.

At the same time, Xenia exhibition hosts today the Workathlon Hotel Career Days at C1 Conference Hall. Hundreds of hoteliers have the opportunity to get in touch with top industry businesses through 10-minute interviews and discuss perspectives about their career development. See more here.