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“I am very happy because tourism, the main pillar of the Greek economy is restarting and exhibitions like Xenia help to promote investments and nice ideas for the hospitality sector.”

Vassilis Kikilias, Minister of Tourism

“I really enjoyed my visit to the Xenia exhibition. I think it works in two ways, symbolically as it symbolizes the restart of tourism but also essentially because everyone who visits all 4 halls he will find solutions, ideas and products for construction, equipment, catering, modernization of his hotel in a wide range.”

Sofia Zacharaki, Deputy Minister of Tourism

“The HCH’s decision to host the International Hospitality Forum at Xenia is of strategic importance and we had the opportunity to meet again and talk about the future of our industry.”

Alexandros Vasilikos, President of HCH

“It is great that we, the hoteliers, meet again after a long period, at Xenia, the trade show where we can find solutions to modernize our businesses.”

Grigoris Tassios, President of HHF

“Many hoteliers visited the Xenia exhibition, which showed the great need to find new proposals and ideas but also to discuss the issues that concern the industry.”

Christina Tetradi, Vice President of XEE

“We participate in Xenia with 30 companies for the equipment and decoration of hotels, a fact that shows that we invest not only in Greece but also in Greek tourism.”

Hellena Paiva, Ambassador of Portugal