Safety first at Xenia 2020

//Safety first at Xenia 2020

Safety first at Xenia 2020

Looking forward to the four-day event from the 27th to the 30th of November, Xenia’s organizing team has already started its preparations, aiming on the health of exhibitors and visitors.

Since the beginning of June, FORUM SA has been operating normally and both the management and its staff have returned in order to prepare in the best possible way the realization of the Xenia exhibition, following the regulations based on the special protocol of health content for the organization of exhibitions when they will be announced. The goal as always is to ensure all the necessary conditions for successful organization and commercial efficiency.

3,000 visitors will be able to congregate the same time, within the exhibition grounds, according to the National Public Health Organization’s health protocol. This, combined with the addition of one day at the operation of the exhibition, will result the total number of visitors to exceed the 20,000.

Xenia is a well-established trade show for the hotel industry in our country, with a successful history. The organization of Xenia 2020, in this special and demanding period for the tourist industry is an urgent need as it will highlight quality proposals and innovative solutions in order to contribute to the effort of the tourism professionals to cope with the new post covid reality. Xenia 2020 through a variety of products and targeted special events will provide visitors with the necessary ideas and information to counter the challenges of the new season and the requirements of the traveler in the post covid era.

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Raising the bar: Renewal and upgrades

As it is the case every year, Xenia will take place in strategically chosen dates in order to achieve the best possible result when it comes to the contacts of all exhibitors and visitors.

Also, the organizing company will support the business oriented character of the trade show by sending as always barcoded invitations to thousands of targeted professionals of the tourism industry but will also invest a significant amount of in advertising in television, radio and digital environment in order, despite this difficult period for our country, not to be affected both the quality of the visitors or the commercial efficiency for exhibitors and visitors. Also, the organizing company will do all the necessary promotional and marketing actions to guarantee this traffic.

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With participants coming from every strategically important branch of the Greek hotel sector, XENIA 2020 will contribute to showcasing the tourism product of our country and will create a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and close business deals.

Taking in consideration that a large number of business owners in the hotel and tourism sector will visit Xenia in order to find out more about the latest technological trends in construction, interior design and services, and that the largest and most important businesses of the construction and supply market will participate and will take over 50,000 cm2 of exhibition space, as well as the fact that institutions of the tourism sector will support the event, it is more evident than ever that Xenia 2020 will once again be the biggest trade show in the hospitality and tourism sector.

50% of last year’s exhibitors have already confirmed their participation in Xenia 2020, while an additional 25% will decide on their participation by the end of September.

Safe environment for exhibitors & visitors

FORUM SA follows all the special protocols of health content in order for Xenia 2020 to be carried out in conditions of absolute safety.

✔ Barcode invitations will valid for one person.
✔ The visitors who enter the exhibition center and those who leave will be recorded so that we know at all times the exact number of visitors in order to preserve the permissible occupancy limits.
✔ Dispensers with antiseptic will be placed in all the main areas of the exhibition and will be constantly replaced.
✔ Special events of the exhibition will take place following all the special health protocols for conferences.
✔ Metropolitan Expo, responding to the new conditions and having as its main priority the successful conduct of all guest exhibitions and conferences in a completely safe and protected environment, obtained from TUV Austria the Covid Shield – Principal Level certification.