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Metropolitan Expo

Metropolitan Expo is the largest and most modern exhibition venue in Greece, designed to the highest standards and with impressive facilities and characteristics as it covers a total of 50,000 sq.m. of exhibition space. It is located at Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” in Spata, Attica, just a few minutes away from the Metro and Suburban Railway Station while, via most modern and safest roads it is just:

  • 2 minutes from the Airport

  • 35 minutes from downtown Athens

  • 15 minutes from the National Road Athens / Thessaloniki

  • 30 minutes from the National Road Athens / Patras – Tripoli

Metropolitan Expo, responding immediately to the emergencies and demands caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19 corona and looking at the health, safety and business continuity of the exhibitional activities that hosts, obtained the TUV AUSTRIA COVID SHIEL certification.
In this way, Metropolitan Expo actively contributes to increasing the trust of the visitor, the exhibitor, the organizer and every person involved in the institution of exhibitions.

Also, in order to ensure a healthy environment for exhibitors, visitors and staff, the Athens Metropolitan Expo has organized the following plan regarding air conditioning:
During the operation of the central air conditioning of the exhibition, conference and public areas of the center, the units will be adjusted to provide the maximum possible amount of fresh air. The ability of the units is to provide up to 100% fresh. During the exhibition / event operation, the conditions in the air-conditioned areas will be checked and the settings will be corrected aiming to the maximum possible supply of fresh air.