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Celebrating 30 years of successful presence

For more than 30 years, FORUM SA has been successfully operating in the fields of professional trade shows and publications with a sense of responsibility towards the bakery, pastry, coffee, food service and hospitality professionals. Since 1988, when the company started publishing the magazine Z+G (Zacharoplastio-Gelateria), FORUM SA has gone a long way towards the development and expansion of its activities. Its high-quality and wide-circulation magazines have been established as valuable tools for valid and high quality information, and its trade shows are the ultimate meeting and interaction business platform for sector professionals. Today, the company organizes 6 international trade shows and 5 professional magazines.

Our trade shows

FOODEXPO_Untitled_Panorama13 Organising company


The leading Food & Beverage exhibition in Greece and one of the largest and most significant trade shows of its kind in Southeastern Europe. Held every year—at the end of March—at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.

OENOTELIA_IMG_4455 Organising company


A large international Wine & Spirits trade show, held every year in parallel to the FOOD EXPO.

ACF_SGP_5786 Organising company


An annual international festival dedicated to coffee and its culture, addressed to professionals and coffee aficionados. Held at Technopolis (Gazi), City of Athens.

XENIA_IMG_1055 Organising company


The premium trade show-institution, exclusively targeting the hospitality sector. Held every year—during the 3rd weekend of November—at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.

ARTOZA_Untitled_Panorama9 Organising company


A large international trade show targeting the Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate sectors. Held every two years—at the beginning of March—at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.

HORECA_DSC07133 Organising company


The largest, most comprehensive and most targeted trade show in Greece, offering a complete overview of all new equipment and supply products for the wider Foodservice and Hospitality sector.

Our magazines

01_AZ Organising company
02_ZG Organising company
04_PSITO Organising company
05_SNACK Organising company
06_AMBROSIA Organising company

Always ahead of the curve

Founder, president and managing director of the company, Nikos Choudalakis is considered by major market players to have written his own history in the sector of trade shows organisation thanks to the application of an innovative business model combining the organisation of trade shows with the publication of magazines. FORUM SA is regarded as a pioneer company in Greece thanks to its dual activity which entails the communication support of each trade show by a series of professional magazines addressed to specific categories of the shows’ visitors. The application of this business model leads to the mutual promotion of both activities in favor of the company and most importantly to the benefit of its clients. Furthermore, thanks to its specialized and experienced personnel, FORUM SA has an in-depth knowledge of the needs and challenges that every sector faces, and is in position to provide its clients with the proper solutions.

A strong and constantly growing company

Since 2010, FORUM SA has been recognized by ICAP GROUP SA as one of the “STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE”, a company that can successfully face challenges thanks to its high creditworthiness. FORUM SA is a founding member of AGECO (Association of Greek Exhibition and Conference Organizers) and participates in major Greek and international professional organizations such as SETE (Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises) and SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).

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