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Marketing strategy

With an impressive budget, the trades show’s organizing company has developed a targeted and dynamic advertising campaign.

Aiming to ensure the maximum possible attendance of the Xenia exhibition, the organizing company will once again invest an impressive budget for a targeted campaign on TV, radio and digital environment.
The Xenia exhibition returns dynamically in 2021 and will be the leading trade meeting for the people of the industry, while it will highlight the main pillars on which the new model of Greek Tourism will be based.
As part of the promotion of the exhibition, an advertising plan worth € 400,000 will be invested by the organizing company. With a strong presence in press and digital media and a targeted digital marketing plan – through GDN campaign and videos on YouTube – high traffic and commercial effectiveness for exhibitors is guaranteed.

Targeted marketing plan

The plan for the promotion of the premium exhibition of the Tourism sector includes nationwide television and radio coverage, digital marketing, barcode invitations and printing ads.
More specifically, 43% of the budget will be spent on 20-day TV spots on all nationwide stations, 17% in 15-day spots on the 14 most popular radio stations in Attica region and Thessaloniki. At the same time, a significant 8% of the marketing budget will be spent on advertisements in the b2b press and Sunday newspapers, while 14% on more than 60,000 registered barcode invitations that will be sent to key executives.
Finally, special emphasis will be given to digital marketing as 18% of the total budget will be invested in targeted campaigns and specific in google, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, YouTube campaigns that will last at least 4 months.