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Xenia News

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xenia News

xenia news was introduced in 2004 and is the main b2b communication tool between the exhibition, the suppliers’ market and the Ho.Re.Ca. sectors. It is published quarterly and sent without charge to 10,500 recipients which include private firms, chambers and professional associations. During the xenia trade fair, a special exhibition edition is issued and distributed to visitors for free.

xenia news

xenia News online

As xenia S.A. is constantly striving to meet the emerging needs of the market, the company has introduced two new electronic media: xenia news online & xenia newsletter. These should be considered as complementary to the magazine and include recent developments and topics of interest in the tourism market, such as tourism policies, market trends, as well as new products and services for hospitality and restaurant establishments. The newsletter is sent via e-mail to more than 25,000 tourism professionals each week. The database used for this purpose comes from the visitors’ data collection during xenia exhibition, every year.




xenia news: Regular Issues pdf.gif (available only in Greek)

arrow-blue.gifissue 02 arrow-blue.gifissue 11 arrow-blue.gifissue 20
arrow-blue.gifissue 03 arrow-blue.gifissue 12 arrow-blue.gifissue 21
arrow-blue.gifissue 04 arrow-blue.gifissue 13 arrow-blue.gifissue 22
arrow-blue.gifissue 05 arrow-blue.gifissue 14Market (inset copy) arrow-blue.gifissue 23
arrow-blue.gifissue 06 arrow-blue.gifissue 15 arrow-blue.gifissue 24
arrow-blue.gifissue 07 arrow-blue.gifissue 16 arrow-blue.gifissue 25
arrow-blue.gifissue 08 arrow-blue.gifissue 17 arrow-blue.gifissue 26
arrow-blue.gifissue 09 arrow-blue.gifissue 18Market (inset copy) arrow-blue.gifissue 27
arrow-blue.gifissue 10Market (inset copy) arrow-blue.gifissue 19


xenia news: Exhibition issues pdf.gif (available only in Greek)

arrow-blue.gif37th xenia arrow-blue.gif39th xenia arrow-blue.gif41st xenia
  Days 1 - 2Days 3 - 4   Days 1 - 2Market (inset copy)   Days 1 - 4 
  Days 3 - 4 - Market (inset copy)

arrow-blue.gif38th xenia arrow-blue.gif40th xenia arrow-blue.gif42nd xenia
  Days 1 - 2Days 3 - 4   Days 1 - 4                                  Days 1 - 4

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