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“Greece after the Crisis: Rebranding our National Product”
A most informative parallel event organised during the 43rd xenia exhibition was the round-table discussion concerning “Greece after the Crisis: Rebranding our National Product”. The participants were Mr Spyros Danellis, MEP, the president of Altervision media group, Mr Alexandros Kouris, the president of the Pan-European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, Mr Dimitris Tsingos, the Regional Governor of Crete, Ms Theano Vrentzou Skordalaki, the president of the “Diazoma” NGO for the preservation of ancient Greek theatres and former Minister of Culture, Mr Stavros Benos, and the member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Hotel Chamber (XEE), Mr Giorgos Pittas, while Mr Giorgos Chatzimarkakis, German Liberal Democrat MEP, sent a videotaped statement. The discussion was co-ordinated by the journalist, Member of the Hellenic Parliament, and ambassadress of the New Wines of Greece, Ms Maya Tsoklis. Prior to the discussion a memorandum of co-operation was signed between the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Greek Wine Association.


Kariera Seminars
During the Kariera Seminars that took place within the framework of the xenia tourism exhibition, a series of highly successful lectures were held. They started with an introduction of the professional secrets of customer service in boutique hotels and continued with a short analysis of the main parameters for a profitable F & B management. The audience showed great interest in the lecture on strategic on-line marketing as well as in the recommendations concerning how easy it is for hotel owners to smartly promote their establishment through the internet. The lectures closed with a speech on VIP treatment and how to correctly serve a customer in a hotel restaurant.


2nd Tourism Carrer Day
The 2nd Tourism Career Day which was organised by kariera.gr and jobsHoReCa.gr in co-operation with the 43rd xenia exhibition was an utter success. Top tourism businesses held twenty-minute interviews with more than two hundred candidates, in order to cover their needs in the upcoming tourism season.


“Saving Energy in Hotels without using Renewable Sources”
The urgent necessity for hotels to save energy for heating, cooling and hot water was the main conclusion of a meeting on the subject of “Saving Energy in Hotels without using Renewable Sources” which was organised during this year’s 43rd xenia exhibition by the Hellenic Union of Heating & Energy System Enterprises. The Union represents the largest import and construction businesses in the heating sector. It was founded in 2009 and has 46 members so far.

The meeting’s general conclusion was that investment in heating, cooling, and hot water systems is economically without alternative and ecologically imperative.

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