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Hotelier is a new, luxurious magazine for the hospitality sector. It is a quarterly intended for tourism professionals – the emphasis placed on top hotel executives – which has the ambition to present novel ideas following the publication’s tag line "Design New Hospitality".
The main subjects of Hotelier are organized along four guidelines:

  1. Insights & Trends. An account on the latest upcoming trends that shape the branch on a national and international level, emphasizing major issues that will inevitably influence the market in the near future.
  2. Design & Equipment. Presentation of integrated solutions related to the design and equipment of hotel units. Presentation of successful projects realized in Greece and abroad.
  3. Management & Development. Recording matters related to the everyday function of a hotel unit, fathoming the best management practices.
  4. Technology & Marketing. Investigating the utilization of technological tools and methods of contemporary marketing in order to upgrade the guest’s hospitality experience as well as making the promotion to a wider public more efficient.

Hotelier is sent to 5,000 selected recipients from the following professional categories:


-Owners and top executives of 4* and 5* hotels.


-Owners of selected guest-houses and other accommodations (mainly from the "boutique" category).


-Architects, interior designers and construction firms whose portfolios contain projects related to
   hotels or mass catering units.


arrow-blue.gifCompanies that provide equipment for the aforementioned units.


Design, publication and targeted distribution of Hotelier are the result of a co-operation between xenia Exhibitions & Congresses S.A. and A & M Consultants.

Hotelier 1

issue 1

Hotelier 2

issue 2

Hotelier 3

issue 3

Hotelier 4

issue 4

Hotelier 5

issue 5

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